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Makes a wonderful gift!

Excellent book and also good when you have girls! After purchasing the first book I purchased many more to use as baby gifts! Anytime we have the chance to give our youth a positive, we should always take it. I bought it to use as a great grandmother but can definitely use this with any kids in your life. Please consider purchasing this book, such a wonderful read.

Fabulous- Guide to raising happy, well adjusted kids.

This book is a beautiful guide to raising good, happy, successful kids. It doesn’t take money or big degrees, just a bit of thoughtfulness. The book supplies you with the guidelines to put a plan in action. Dream your biggest dreams for your children and then lay the path ahead for them. It’s a must read for every new parent! Fantastic!

Wonderfully Written

Fantastic Book!!!!


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Discover how to embed a success mindset in a boy and the easy ways you can do that today.
Discover how America’s most successful people, from millionaires and billionaires to spiritual masters, have used this same approach to bring happiness, meaning, money and fulfillment into their lives and how you can apply it to help a boy achieve the impossible and break through to an extraordinary and fulfilling life!
Find out why, no matter what age a boy is now, from babies to toddlers to teens, what he believes about himself is the single greatest factor determining his happiness, his confidence, his ability to make friends, his willingness to try new things, to take responsibility for himself…and what you can do now to put him on the right path.